The Eye Doctor Hot & Cold Eye Compress – Premium Kit

$41.00 Cdn.

Reusable 365+ times in a year. Activate moist heat using the microwave or oven or cold treatment by storing the inner bag in the freezer. Premium kit includes inner BodyBead pack, washable cover with adjustable head strap, storage bag, instructions and a sample of lid wipes. Manufactured in the UK.

Notable Features of The Eye Doctor Hot & Cold Eye Compresses

  • Sterileyes antibacterial protection is bound permanently in the fabric fibres to provide antibacterial protection against harmful bacteria without interfering with the skins natural bacterial flora. Also provides protection against stains and odour causing bacteria for an extended product life.
  • BodyBeads® fill with self-hydrating technology is less prone to odour or damage from overheating compared to a traditional grain based fill.
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