Optego Fresnel Press-On Prisms

$29.75 Cdn.

Flexible silicone-like material with superior optical qualities, no yellowing. Thin prisms at all diopter values. Base and diopter clearly marked on each prism. Easy to cut. No precut perforations meaning the entire prism is usable. Size: 2.9” x 2.6” (75mm x 66mm). Packaged in protective, stackable plastic containers. Installation and cleaning instructions included with each prism. Manufactured in the USA.

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1 Diopter, 2 Diopter, 3 Diopter, 4 Diopter, 5 Diopter, 6 Diopter, 7 Diopter, 8 Diopter, 9 Diopter, 10 Diopter, 12 Diopter, 15 Diopter, 17.5 Diopter, 20 Diopter, 25 Diopter, 30 Diopter, 35 Diopter