About Us

Mission Statement
To provide our customers with an easy to use purchasing solution. To provide products that are balanced between good quality and workmanship and are economically priced. To strive to meet all of the purchasing needs of the optical industry. To provide this service in a pleasant friendly and professional manner.

Daniel Mazac – President
White Ophthalmic Supply

Formally known as White Ophthalmic Services & Supply Co Ltd. started in the early 80’s founded by Barbara White providing custom contact lenses, and GP material. During the late 80’s early 90’s the company began selling contact lens accessories and added Dan Mazac to the work force whom continued to add products to the company’s line eventually adding items for all facets of the optical industry. During the 2000’s the company began adding products to a pharmaceutical line, and near the end of the 2000’s began work with importation and holding of some pharmaceuticals DIN numbers. By the middle of 2012 the company was split into 2 separate entities, White Ophthalmic Services and Supply Co Ltd. continuing on with the DIN and management of importation of pharmaceuticals managed and owned by Barbara White, and White Ophthalmic Supply 2012, continuing the supply section of the company managed Daniel Mazac, owned by Daniel Mazac and Randy Schultz. Supply 2012 continues to act as an exclusive supplier for products obtained by Services & Supply, and remains a tightly knit mutually beneficial partnership organization.